Is Moving to Hawaii Right For You? | Jade Halama

Is Moving to Hawaii Right For You?

Although Hawaii is a US state, there are many things that make it unique. Life is different here, but maybe that’s what you’re looking for. Life is slower paced. There’s a greater focus on being with family and enjoying life. The bugs are bigger. The weather is beautiful. Quality of life is key.

Is it possible to move to Hawaii?

Moving to Hawaii is definitely possible. In 2018, more than 54,000 people moved to Hawaii from the mainland. Hawaii has been a US state since 1959 so if you are coming from another state no passports or visas are required. But the moving costs will be higher than moving to most states as you will have to pay for flights and shipping expenses for anything you want to bring. It costs about $1500 to ship an empty vehicle from California to Honolulu.

Is moving to Hawaii realistic for you?

Before jumping in with both feet, it’s important to do some self-reflection and really figure out what you want. If you are burned out with your job and haven’t taken a vacation- that might be all you need. We recommend visiting first- spend some time on the island that you are thinking of relocating to before you make a decision. Go grocery shopping, talk to local people, check out the real estate market- really try to imagine what life would be like if you lived here full time.

For most people, relocating to Hawaii requires making a lot of trade-offs. How much time do you currently spend with extended family- will you be giving that up if you make the move? How often will you be able to fly home to visit friends and family?  Look around – are your favorite stores and restaurants here? Hawaii has some seriously great food, but it may not have your favorite chains. Now is the time to really think about how important these things are to you.

How much does it cost to move to Hawaii?

The cost of living in Hawaii really depends on where you choose to live and more than anything- the lifestyle you choose to live. The cost of living in Honolulu is about 70% higher than the US average while the cost of living in Hilo is only about 30% higher than the US average.

Hawaii’s main industry is tourism- which means many of the available jobs don’t pay that well. Make sure that you will be able to find a position in your field- or maybe you can work remotely and bring your current job with you. On the other hand, if you are in your golden years and living on a fixed income consider what lifestyle you could afford on your income.

Buying a Home in Hawaii

If you are thinking about buying a home in Hawaii there is a lot to consider. If the Honolulu real estate market is out of your price range- consider buying in Hilo instead- where median home prices are roughly 40% less.

Life is different here… but maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Life in Hawaii has a lot going for it. If you love hiking and nature- Hawaii has some great state and national parks to explore. The weather is almost always beach weather. Hawaii is incredibly beautiful. People are friendly. The aloha spirit is real. There’s a reason people call it Paradise. But if you move to Hawaii and expect it to be like the rest of the US you may be disappointed. On the other hand, if you move to Hawaii expecting it to be different, and keep a flexible mind set, it just might be the best move you ever make.