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Fourth Step To Buying A House: Finding The Right Realtor

This article is part of a multi-part series covering each step of the home-buying process in detail. Step one covers “Is Now the Right Time To Buy?”. Step two covers “Getting your finances in order”. The third step covers “How to shop for a mortgage.” In the fourth step I will being covering the topic of “Finding the right realtor for you”.

Your real estate agent is an important partner when buying a home. They can share their knowledge of the buying process, negotiations, and how to buy a house in your area. In most cases the buyer’s agent is paid by the seller during the sale- making their commission free for you. 

Your realtor will help you navigate the process and represent your best interest. Make sure you choose someone you feel comfortable with and who you can trust. A good agent can make a world of difference.  If you have special needs such as an interest in buying a foreclosure, ask your agent if they have experience in the type of home sale that you are interested in.

Your realtor will help you find homes within your budget as soon as they come on the market. Once you are ready to make an offer on a home, your realtor will provide you with “comps” or comparable homes nearby. This will help you estimate the real market value of the home so you can make a good offer. Your realtor will also handle the communication between you and the seller.

Real estate pros recommend interviewing at least 3 agents before you make a decision. Ask for a list of recent references, and how they plan to help you find the right home. During the interview, make note of how they answer your questions. If they offer a thorough and informative response, they will likely offer that same level of thought throughout your partnership.

How can you find the right real estate agent for you? The right agent for you should:

  • Have been working in real estate for several years.
  • Be very familiar with the area you are looking in.
  • Listen to your needs and deliver on them.
  • Have an attitude that lets you know that you are an important client to them.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills.

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