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Big Island Real Estate

The sunshine, the waves, the plumerias. What’s it like to live on the Big Island of Hawaii? More importantly, what’s it like to own a home on the Big Island? The Big Island is about half the size of New Jersey, and it’s bigger than all of Hawaii’s other islands combined. You’ll find many gorgeous open spaces in Hawaii and endless views that never feel routine.  

It’s often possible to find your dream home for less than you might pay on the other islands. A house on the Big Island is an excellent investment, but it’s also a fantastic way to experience Hawaii’s wholly unique island life. Arriving on Hawaii for vacation is one thing. Buying a house and making Hawaii your home is quite another.

Hawaii gifts its people with amazing quality of life, endlessly gorgeous views, and an effortless beauty. When you own a home in Hawaii, you’ll walk out your front door and feel the wonderfully clean air with every breath. You’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and mellow, informal vibe that permeates the island. 

You’ll also find that everyone operates on island time, from school children to working adults to retirees. Leave your fancy clothes at home. You won’t need them when you head into work on the Big Island. 

Throughout Hawaii, you’ll find small neighborhoods and cozy communities, each with a unique approach to island life. Some neighborhoods feature close-knit streets of single-family homes. Others offer the resort-style lifestyle of condominium communities. Some even have those fixer-uppers you’ve been dreaming about. 

One of the most notable towns in Hawaii is Hilo, which affords its homeowners gorgeous views of the volcanoes. You’ll feel the old school charm throughout town, which also has its historical parts. Hilo has quite a few shops and restaurants, and it’s got a mild hipster vibe these days, too.

The district of Puna is another peaceful area to explore. Towns along the southeast coast include Mountain View, Kea’au, and Kurtistown. Puna affords its residents the peace you’re searching for with the added bonus of the nightly red glows of nearby lava flows. Always get the lowdown on volcanic activity in the area when searching for a home on the Big Island.

If you want to live in Hawaii because you’re addicted to surfing, the Big Island isn’t the first place you might consider, but it could be the most affordable. You’ll find some amazing and remote surf spots that you can only reach with a 4WD vehicle. Honoli’i in Hilo is a spot the locals frequently visit. There are plenty more surf breaks on the West side of the island as well.

One of the fascinating parts about surfing on the Big Island is that the active volcanoes are still growing the island, and lava flows continue to create – and destroy – surf breaks.

From the beaches to the jungles to the expansive rolling hills, the Big Island of Hawaii is magnificent in its natural beauty. Don’t leave any stone unturned if you’re thinking about Big Island real estate. Explore all the neighborhoods the island has to offer. Although the market is competitive, new homes regularly come up for sale, so all it takes is a little patience and learning how to live on island time.

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