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Meet Sonya

In case you didn’t catch it on my Instagram:

Meet Sonya, an exceptional individual who serves as both my remarkable assistant and dear friend. She exceeds the traditional boundaries of an assistant, taking on the vital role of planner and coordinator for our home tours. Her dedication goes beyond the norm, ensuring that every property we visit aligns perfectly with your qualifications and loan requirements. Without a doubt, her devotion and meticulous attention to detail have been indispensable to the prosperity of my business, and I owe much of my achievement to her.

What sets Sonya apart is her unmatched devotion to our clients, always going the extra mile to provide them with an outstanding experience. Her expertise and tireless work ethic have earned her the utmost trust and respect within our team, making her an invaluable asset.

Beyond her official responsibilities, Sonya’s caring nature and boundless efforts extend into all aspects of our lives. Her genuine ardor for spreading happiness to others is truly remarkable, and it profoundly shapes the journey our clients embark on when finding their perfect homes.

Sonya, I can’t express enough gratitude for the support you’ve given me. I am proud to call you my friend, and your presence in my business and personal life is immeasurable. Your unwavering commitment to excellence has been the driving force behind our success, and I am excited to continue achieving great things together. Thank you for being the exceptional person you are! 🥰

Check out my upcoming Instagram posts to learn more about how Sonya has truly changed my business and my life! 

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  1. Yeah it looks like you Jade Halama,
    have a very good team with Snuya your new partner and team player 🌈🌴🌺🤣,
    David from Alaska

  2. Tina Soberano-Martinez says:

    Sonya is such an amazing soul! We love you Sonya ❤️ Jade… you are just as amazing… to recognize the gratitude you have for Sonya… not many bosses do this. Thank you!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your partner, Sonya and I would love to visit you both when I come to Big Island of
    mahalos thank you again your wonderful
    sharing, David